Oak furniture – for a modern design house or apartment.

When it comes to current trends in oak furniture design, both classic and contemporary designs are currently in vogue. But a new trend is wooden furniture in the style of the 1960s and 1970s.

For example, if your house or apartment has a modern design, a good choice is
the wooden furniture in the “Atlanta” furniture collection is “light” in design. These wooden furniture pieces are ideal for furnishing a living room, with a choice of wooden wardrobes (two-door and three-door), chests (two-piece and three-piece), TV tables, etc. The Atlanta furniture collection also includes wooden furniture that can be used to furnish a study, bookcases and a wooden drawer unit on castors, on which a printer, for example, can be placed. The Atlanta collection also includes bedroom furniture, bedside tables and, of course, a bed (140;160×200 cm).

The Orlando furniture collection offers modern wooden furniture with which you can furnish your living room, chests of drawers, showcases, TV tables, shelves, etc.

Oak furniture – if your house or apartment has a classic interior.

By contrast, the oak furniture in the Velvet collection is of a solid design and is more often chosen by people who have an antique home or apartment interior.

This collection includes TV tables, chests of drawers in various sizes, hanging shelves, mirrors, showcases and a very practical, solid and beautiful oak table. The surface of the furniture is specially treated, so it is embossed. The furniture also features lighting, which beautifully accentuates the embossed surface, making it a design highlight.

Oak furniture – if you have a house or apartment where rock ‘n’ roll is coming to life.

The furniture collection “LOVELL” includes oak furniture in the style of the 1960s-1970s. They have designer, relatively high “legs”. Typically, the furniture is in a natural light wood tone, but some surfaces, such as the doors, are bright. The LOVELL collection also includes wooden chairs and sofa beds that match the furniture in color and design. Zunda Furniture is located in Riga, K. Valdemāra iela 149, for more information visit zunda.lv.

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