Wooden furniture – how to make your house or apartment functional and tasteful?

The new furniture collections from Zundafurniture manufacturers offer wooden furniture in a wide range of designs and functional features. That’s why – if you need to furnish a house or an apartment – you can do it yourself. To ensure that the house or apartment is furnished in a cohesive style, furniture manufacturers offer furniture in a single collection that can be used to furnish different function rooms – living room, home office, dining room, bedroom, etc. Within a collection, the furniture usually comes in different sizes, colours and variations, e.g. display cabinets, bookshelves, chests of drawers can be larger or smaller, with doors in wood or glass.

Wooden furniture – what colors are in?

The wooden furniture in the Zundafurniture collections comes in the latest colour shades. Natural oak is the predominant colour and is the most popular, as it can be used in homes or apartments with an antique, classical or modern interior.

Whitewashed oak furniture is also very popular – it makes a house or apartment look more luxurious and creates a special atmosphere in the room. Another trend is for furniture manufacturers to incorporate lighting into wooden furniture to make the design more interesting and the furniture more functional.

Wooden furniture – how will it last?

Wooden furniture, especially oak furniture, is very durable, long-lasting and, of course, environmentally friendly. In addition, the surface of Zunda’swooden furniture is treated with natural oils – mainly linseed oil. It is therefore absolutely certain that this furniture will not emit harmful chemicals, formaldehyde, etc. In addition, if the wooden furniture is oiled, the surface can be restored – sanded and re-oiled – so it will last a very long time.

Of course, it should always be remembered that wooden furniture is not designed to be used as a worktop. If you have a wooden table, you should always use a tray when placing something hot or wet on it to prevent damage to the wooden furniture.

True, for realoak furniture can only be appreciated by seeing it in real life, because what people like and are attracted to most is the solidity of the furniture, the texture of the surface, the color tones of the natural wood, and of course, the special energy that only natural wood can create in a home – wooden furniture, wooden floors, etc. Looking at pictures of furniture on the internet or in a catalog, it is impossible to feel and appreciate this energy. That’s why you have to come and see it for yourself. Zunda Furniture is located in Riga, K. Valdemāra iela 149, for more information visit zunda.lv

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