Bed Katalya 180×200 LED with linen box

Item number: Gulta Katalya ar veļas kasti 180 cm LED


The Katalia upholstered bed is packed with features that greatly increase its practicality and appeal. The bed is equipped with a container for bedding, a comfortable, beautiful headrest and movable headrests, thanks to which reading or watching TV in bed becomes very comfortable. The Catalia model also has a practical drop-down table in the center of the headboard and optional lighting.

Dimensions: 197x240x97 cm

Material: Leather or fabric (prices are indicative)

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    Dimensions 197 × 240 × 97 cm
    Finishing Material

    Fabric (category 1), Fabric (category 2), Fabric (category 3), Fabric (category 4), Fabric (category 5), Fabric (category 6), Natural leather (Naturelle), Natural leather (Evolution), Natural leather (Prestige), Natural leather (Prestige Plus)

    Prece tiek pārdota nemontētā veidā;

    Ar veļas kasti;

    Cena bez matrača;

    Komplektā zemmatrača līstes;

    Cena ar apgaismojumu;

    Toņu atšķirības koka detaļām, zari, sķiedru mezglojumi, plaisiņas kokā un finierī liecina par mēbeļu dabisko izcelsmi un nav uzskatāmas par defektu;


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