Furniture delivery

Riga city

Furniture shall be delivered unassembled to the buyer in its packaging, except for certain products which are already assembled, which shall be notified to the buyer additionally.

Furniture delivery rates in Riga, including delivery to the ground floor from 12.00 EUR to 22.00 EUR

Extra EUR 2.50 per floor for bringing in bulky furniture (from the 2nd floor).

Extra charge for bulky furniture (mattresses 160×200, upholstered furniture, -3, -4, -5 door wardrobes, chests of drawers larger than 100x150x40 cm, etc.) – EUR 3.00 to EUR 7.50 per floor.

Note: The supplier does not provide the following for bulky furniture:

– narrow stairs;

– inadequate door dimensions;

– features of the layout and design of the apartment

In such cases, the parties will agree on the course of action to be taken after assessing the specific situation.

Outside Riga city

The cost of transport services (excluding furniture delivery) outside Riga is EUR 0.40 per km round trip.

Furniture assembly

The buyer has the option of using our furniture assembly and installation service.

The cost of assembling * and installing the furniture is calculated taking into account the specific nature of the furniture.

Zunda salons have a uniform price list for fitting services.

* The price list for installation services can be found in Zunda showrooms.

The Latvian version of the Rules shall be used to resolve any ambiguities or disputes.