Upholstered furniture is usually characterised by its attractive appearance and practicality, which makes this product group very popular. In order to maintain their pristine freshness for as long as possible, upholstered furniture requires proper care and the observance of elementary rules. First of all, you need to keep an eye on the conditions in which the furniture is placed in your home. The temperature should be no less than 15 degrees and the humidity should preferably be around 65%. Although this is not always possible, it is advisable to place upholstered furniture at least 1 metre away from heating appliances.

Cleaning is an essential part of caring for upholstered furniture. It is essential to use only cleaning products and types that are appropriate to the characteristics of each piece of furniture. For example, for leather sofas, a water-soaked cloth can remove minor stains, but if the dirt is difficult to clean, then leather-specific cleaners should be chosen. Household chemicals – washing powders, etc. – should definitely not be used.

As for fabric furniture, care is a little more complicated. Minor dirt can be removed with a dry brush. If the problem is bigger, soapy water can be used, but care should be taken with the amount of liquid, as it can cause unnecessary stains when it dries. The use of special cleaning products, which can be bought in furniture shops, is recommended. A vacuum cleaner is also useful for regular care of fabric furniture, as it allows you to remove the dust that you encounter on a daily basis.

When buying upholstered furniture, make sure you ask the seller about its care. Many furniture shops also sell special protective products for both fabric and leather sofas. These are used for both new and used furniture. Most often, these products create an invisible protective layer on the furniture and prevent dirt from penetrating deeper. Furniture that has been used for a long time can be freshened with special products – for leather sofas this is a balm, and for fabric sofas a special refresher.

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