Bedroom and bathroom – two in one. It’s probably one of the most tempting and effective combinations. Usually young people have these ideas – jump out of the shower and get under the covers.

Unfortunately, this option is mostly only available to private homeowners. If you want this combination in your apartment, you will most likely have to keep part of the wall that still separates the two rooms. You should definitely familiarise yourself with the laws and regulations before you start demolishing walls.

The size of the premises must also be taken into account. At least 40-50 sq/m is desirable to feel comfortable in such a bathroom bedroom. On the other hand, if you separate these two rooms and each of them is 20 sq/m, then you get both a bigger bedroom and a bigger bath or shower room, whichever is the case. If you have frequent guests in your house, you would definitely need another bathroom for the guests.

We often like to be alone, so it’s a good idea to think in advance about the possibility of separating these two spaces – sliding glass, plastic or textile screens.

A project like this is a real challenge for designers and architects. Only materials that are resistant to moisture are allowed. The ventilation system must be well thought out. The best effect can be achieved by using similar or even identical interior tones for both rooms.

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