Our Story

The historical origins of the Zunda date back to 1912.

The name “Zunda” reflects both the company’s location on the edge of the Zunda river and the history of the area, as in the 1930s the “Zunde” joint stock company operated a factory at 11/23 Ūdens Street. It is also a tribute to the memory of the remarkable furniture maker Kārlis Zunde.

Our business is based on providing our customers with quality furniture made from natural materials that meet today’s requirements, using years of experience, tradition, skilled professionals and the latest technology.

Our goal – your well-being …

In the beginning of 1995 the first furniture showroom “Zunda” is opened in Riga, Daugavgrīva Street 72, offering quality classic style furniture for living rooms, bedrooms and children’s rooms made of pine wood; in December 2001 Zunda showroom opens in Liepāja, Kūrmājas pr.7; in October 2002 Zunda showroom opens in Riga, K.Valdemāra Street 149.

Today, in addition to the traditional pine furniture collection, Zunda’s showrooms offer contemporary and modern furniture in birch, beech, alder and oak, as well as modern multifunctional sofas in natural leather or fabric.

Why choose Zunda furniture?

1. Zunda works closely with a furniture manufacturer. This enables us to manufacture furniture according to the customer’s needs, and to provide a service and guarantee for many years.

2. Working closely with the producer means that the prices offered do not have an intermediary mark-up.

3. Zunda Furniture has consultants with extensive experience in the furniture industry. All employees have a detailed knowledge of the furniture production processes. This means that when you buy any piece of furniture, you not only get superficial information, but also useful tips and advice on how to use the furniture.

4. Zunda Furniture has been in business for more than 25 years. You can be sure that the furniture you order will be delivered on time and to the quality you expect.

5. The survey shows that the customer trusts the name “Zunda” and makes repeat purchases, which is an indicator of the quality of Zunda furniture!

6. Zunda Furniture has a Green Belt certificate, which shows that the company is environmentally friendly.

7 Zunda’s furniture is designed by renowned European designers.

8.The survey shows that 30% of new customers have heard about Zunda from their friends. The range and quality of Zunda furniture is something to be proud of!

9. Zunda stores regularly participate in Baltic Furniture. This shows the seriousness of the company not only on a local level, but also on an international level.

10. Zunda furniture is not just for the home – Zunda furniture is in kindergartens, state and municipal institutions. Zunda furniture is in the Bīriņi and Rundāle Palace exhibitions.